Thursday, February 9, 2012

"He Lost 17 Pounds"

My new client who started last January has already lost 17 pounds. Amazing right? So how did he do it? Simple. He just followed my workout and diet program and came to the gym 6X a week. Motivated and committed right?

When somebody really needs to lose something or gain something and the desire is bad, the result will be outstanding if one allots time and effort on it. Some people would always say that it is impossible but the reality is nothing is impossible, just stay focused.

With health and fitness, it is the same. Put your heart and mind into your goals and you will definitely achieve them! The secret is full dedication and a burning desire to get the results. No excuses. Just run towards the finish line even though it is tough and rough. Just grab the baton even though people don't cheer you on.

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