Monday, October 11, 2010

A Run For Pasig River 10.10.10

10.10.10.. a memorable date for a fun run... a run for Pasig River and a run to break the World Record for any foot race!

We almost never made it. Me and Jeffrey registered online last September and then forgot about it. A week before the run, we decided to do it and called the organizer, ABS-CBN Foundation if we can still join it. Good thing they only accepted online registrations and after driving to their office and paying, we got our race bibs, finally!

The day before the run, we parked the car inside Mall of Asia and left it there for the overnight parking and took a cab going home. We just didn't want all the hassles of worrying about parking the following day because of the big registrants of runners (about 160,000 estimated) for the following day's event.

We woke up early to do the face and body paints and took a cab to Ayala cuz we were running 10k. There were lots of people there already waiting for the gun start. It was already humid that morning but the air of excitement was there.

When the race started, we felt that it was going to be a nice one cuz we just planned to jog and walk and just enjoy it. People kept on looking at us because we were the only ones who wore the body paints. Fun. A lot asked for our pictures. Even Jeffrey was a sensation to students.

Well, the run turned out to be a walk after all, because as soon as we entered Roxas Boulevard, the 5k participants merged with us. Basically no place for anyone to run! But still it was fun.

As soon as we finished line, we headed fast to our car. We didn't want to be stranded with all the runners there.

I don't know if we broke the world record..but we felt that by running with thousands of Filipinos, we made a difference for the Pasig River!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weight Loss Tip: Scheduling The Carb Intake

I've tried this diet program for a month and it actually works! Now, I'm promoting this to a lot of my clients and they are experiencing drastic weight loss!

Key is to limit carbohydrates to breakfast and lunch only.In the evening, past 6pm (or 7pm if you sleep late), just eat fruits or vegetables with moderate protein only. Drink lots of water too. Do this for 4 weeks and watch how your belly fat melt away. Well, I did it and 5 of my clients following this program religiously together with the right exercises.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Badminton, Our New Sport

I know, I know. Everybody used to play badminton and it was the number 1 sport before everybody started to run. I used to play it when I was a kid and it was my PE in U.P. Now inspired by our game in El Nido, Jeffrey and I got our badminton racquets from Toby's last Monday and promised ourselves to play every Saturday.

According to wikipedia, badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court that is divided by
a net. Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents' half of the court. A rally ends once the shuttlecock has struck the ground, and each side may only strike the shuttlecock once before it passes over the net.

What's good in playing badminton is that it is a total body workout. Arms, legs, trunk and the cardiovascular system are worked hard in this sport. It can be played just for fun but a tinge of competitiveness enables one to have a good burn.

Utilize playing badminton as a variety to your regular workout routine. Trust me, you'll have fun while workingout!

A Shoot with a Star!

Last Wednesday, September 15, I was honored to have a shoot with Ms Universe 2010 4th Runner up, Miss Venus Raj. It was for a segment, abdominal exercises for Pinoy MD in GMA 7 which will be aired on September 19. The shoot took place in the Astoria Plaza Gym. Jeffrey and Mike had their pictures taken with her too.

I coached Venus on stability ball crunches, crunches with a medicine ball, and basic mat crunches. We showed the proper form, proper breathing and proper execution of the exercises. Ms. Raj explained the rationale of these exercises and offer some tips on diet to have a flatter abs.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Just came back from a paradise trip... in El Nido, Palawan! We did all possible things that we can do in our 3 days of stay there. The most memorable of which was kayaking to the lagoons.

Well, what really is kayaking? Kayaking is the use of a kayak for moving across water. Like canoeing, kayaking is also known as paddling, but is differentiated from the former by the sitfartting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. A kayak is a boat where the paddler faces forward, legs in front, using a double bladed paddle.

Kayaking is a fun sport but before you try it, have an expert with you to guide you through your paddling. Better to start on a lake or any still water before venturing on a wavy open sea. Make sure that you wear a life vest in case you get tipped over. Wear rowing gloves if you plan to kayak for a long period of time or on rough water.

Kayaking is a good fitness sport. Rowing is a gross movement which entails power coming from the muscles of back, shoulders, arms and stability of the core.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Sport on a Line

Yesterday I was interviewed by Karen for a magazine about slacklining, a new sport popular in the U.S. Jeffrey told me about this when he visited his folks last 4th of July. He saw people watching this guy flipping over a commercial slackline in a department store. Then Karen got one so when she came back from her trip, we decided to use it for Vince.

What is slacklining? It is a balance sport that uses nylon webbing tensioned between 2 anchor points. Basically, the person has to step on the slackline, get his balance and do tricks on it. one can run, walk, flip, moonwalk, etc. There are several types of slacklining : the tricklining (lowlining), the highlining, the waterlining and the yoga slacklining.

Aside from balance, this new sport entails the person to improve his coordination and skills and great focus and concentration. Combining with yoga, one can have a mind and body workout. It can also be used as a cardioworkout as long as movement on the slackline doesn't stop. It can also improve core strength as needed in balance.

Slacklining offers a lot more but most important of all is the great deal of fun that one can get out of this new sport!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Unang Hirit Aqua Aero 2010

We had an aqua aero class shoot, this time from GMA 7's morning show Unang Hirit. Funny though because I had a segment also with ABS-CBN's morning show Umagang Kay Ganda in the same venue.

Umagang Kay Ganda Aqua Aero

I was invited last May of this year to demonstrate an aqua aero class. It was supposed to be in the Astoria Plaza pool, but there were technical difficulties so that early morning we rushed to ACE aqua sports in QC where we shot this segment.

Unang Hirit Gym Exercises

Another video that was newly uploaded. This was shot live in Astoria Plaza. Good thing I live there so I practically went down when my segment was on. Dance routine coupled with gym exercises to have a small waistline. Nice.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ico in Unang Hirit's Fat Burning Video

Just uploaded this post Christmas video..

Ico Rodulfo Fitness Online

At last, we have it. With the help of Jeffrey, we were able to start the Ico Rodulfo Fitness (IRF) Online Training. We planned this for a long time and now it materialized.

It began with a client's request for me to make a program for her without going to the gym. We made the program coupled with videos (check my website, They turned out nice.

By next week we will be putting all my weight loss programs online so a lot can benefit from them. Target will be local and international clients. It will be more interactive for easy monitoring...and fun

Taping for GMA 7's PinoyMD

It was last Sunday when one of GMA 7's staff called to ask if they can shoot a video of me doing exercises with the elderly. Of course, I said yes, so the following day, the crew came at 11am in Astoria. At first they wanted to do a poolside exercise but it was so hot outside so we decided to do it in the gym instead. I'm glad Mrs. Dawson and Tita Chuchay joined me. The entire shoot lasted for 30 minutes... but once again it was fun.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The OCAI Run: Starting Over Again

Did it still. After contemplating last night, I decided to finally ran for a cause in Ortigas Center today by joining the 1st OCAI Run, a run for a cause event for the benefit of the projects of the Rotary Club of Ortigas Center.

Me and Jeffrey were 20 minutes late,thinking Astoria Plaza was so near Tektite so we won't have trouble in walking to the starting line. Still it took us 15 minutes to get there. Funny cause I saw some guys running already when we reached Tektite where the assembly place was. Walking towards the crowd, I finally noticed that it was already the 5k starting crowd. Whoa. I was late. Then when I heard the 10 seconds countdown, I figured oh well, might as well join this crowd. Then off they went! I told Jeffrey to walk faster cause it was already his run, crossed the starting line and we started running. First time to do this : joined the 5k'ers on their starting line even though I was running 10k. Imagine I haven't even adjusted my pants, waist belt, shoelaces, iPod and Nike plus yet, and I was already running.

I thought, should I just run the 5k cause I was confused about the route of the 10k? Oh well, might as well enjoy it then by the time we reacehd Julia Vargas past Meralco Avenue, I saw runners of 10k. Finally!! But, they already have the ribbons around them, meaning they already went through another route. But I was running with them. Now a silly thing came to my mind: should I just cheat and pretend I already run a half route?? Imagine by doing this I will have a new PR with half the time. Then before I can make a decision, there was a martial pointing me to the 10k route towards Valle Verde. I ran there before I make a stupid decision. Now, I told myseld, this was my 10k route!! Yehey! Wow, I was alone, being the last runner for 10k. It was a nice feeling. I told myself this wasn't a race and I was just jogging for health. I saw a runner walking. I passed him by. I wasn't the last runner anymore! When I reached ULTRA, I already passed by 15 runners. I was happy! Turning back to Julia Vargas, I saw familiar faces: Amy and Suyen, both looking for Jeffrey. I was back in the race.

When I reached the 9k mark, I was a full spirited guy. I was proud to say I walked a lot of distances but who cares!! I crossed the finish line happy!

Coming back from the dreaded flu, I never even thought I would even be joining the run. I just cleared my mind and run-- forgetting about the pace and time. This run is for me, my comeback to fitness and health, a starting over again!

I won the race!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips for Running in the Rain

Tips from Christine Luff for running in the rain:

Rainy weather doesn't mean you have to take your runs inside. Follow these tips to be prepared for running in the rain:

Dress in Layers if it's Cold

If it's very cold and rainy, you may need to wear a couple of layers. The most important layer is the one closest to your body. Make sure it's a technical fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax, which wick water and sweat away from your skin. Your outer layer should be a wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest. Don't wear a waterproof rain slicker because it will trap moisture and heat.

Wear a Hat

A hat with a brim can be your best friend during a rainy run. It will keep the rain off your face.

Don't Overdress

This is one the biggest mistakes runners make when heading out for a rainy run. Wearing more layers will not keep you dry. Unless you're running with an umbrella over your head, you will definitely get wet. If you have tons of layers on, you will just be wearing more wet, heavy clothes. Dress for the temperature, as if it were a dry day.

Be Visible

Select an outer layer that's light-colored or has reflective strips, since running in the rain often means poor visibility.

Use a Garbage Bag

If you have to wait outside in the rain before the start of a race, a big trash bag with armholes and a neck hole cut out can help you stay dry. You can take it off and throw it to the side once you get moving.

Wear Old Running Shoes at the Start

If you're running a race, keep your race shoes and socks in a plastic bag while waiting at the start. You can check your old shoes in your gear check bag, and put on your race shoes and socks right before you head to the starting line. If it has stopped raining by then, you'll be able to run the race in dry shoes and socks.

Prevent Chafing

If you're running long, spread Vaseline or Body Glide on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters -- such as your feet, inner thighs, underarms, sports bra lines (women), and nipples (men).

Just Run!

The hardest part of running in the rain is often just getting started. Once you begin running and warm up, you may find that you actually enjoy it! And it's good preparation in case you ever have to run a race in the rain.

Dry Out Your Shoes

When you get back from a wet run, take off your running shoes and stuff them with crumpled balls of newspaper. This helps the shoes keep their shape, and the paper draws moisture away from the shoes.

Running: The New Badminton

Fad, fad, fad. That's what people say about badminton before. For years, badminton had been the most famous sport in the country. Every city and every town there is a badminton place. Everyone I know was playing it.

This year, running became a hit. Every week there is a running event. Favorite running sites are The Fort in Taguig and the Mall of Asia in Pasay. People are running 3k's, 5k's, 10k's, 15k's and 21k's for the fun runs. Recently there are trail runs held in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Outside Manila, there are also popular races in Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Baguio. All for fitness and fun!

Popular stores are booming also because of these runs. Nike Park/stores, Runner, Second Wind, Adidas, Mizuno stores are being crowded with people. The running ovals are also full of people practicing, some even hired running coaches just to get reasdy for these fun runs. Exciting, huh!

People say that running is the new badminton, that it will soon die out with the coming of the rainy season. We shall soon see. But fad or not, what's important is how it promotes health and fitness, the cheap way!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Races, 250kms: All in 3 months

I just checked my race bib collection and I realized that I already joined 10 races in 3 months. Checking my Nike plus record, it shows that I already ran more than 250 km.. hmm not bad for a newbie runner like me.

I never stopped running since I joined my first race (Globe Run). It's crazy I know, how I hated running when I was a child and now I'm addicted to it. It's healthy and fun!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running, My New Sport

It started with Jeffrey's frequent jogs at the end of Februaryof this year. Then with Suyen's and Yai's prodding, I registered for the Condura (Save the Dolphin's) Run in March 2010. Well, at the day of the run, I just watched Jeffrey, Suyen and Yai ran when the race started. I was by the rails and didn't join them. The week after, we registered again for the Century Superbods, the first of the Run Rio Trilogy. I didn't join again.

Finally I joined the Globe Run and finished my first recorded 5k at 32 minutes. Not bad at all. I was motivated by all of Jeffrey's colleagues especially Ednicol Macalatan who I followed during most of the runs. After that race, I became addicted to running! We joined races almost every weekend. We became like wild critters on the streets of the Fort and around Mall od Asia and Roxas Boulevard. We even joined a trail run in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa!

I'm already doing my 10k's now only, 3 months since I started. I know I'm still a newbie, lots of things to learn and to experience. I hated running since I was a child but look at me now, a running addict. How I wish I started early, but I guess it's never too late. I love running now, and who knows, I might even join a marathon someday!