Monday, October 11, 2010

A Run For Pasig River 10.10.10

10.10.10.. a memorable date for a fun run... a run for Pasig River and a run to break the World Record for any foot race!

We almost never made it. Me and Jeffrey registered online last September and then forgot about it. A week before the run, we decided to do it and called the organizer, ABS-CBN Foundation if we can still join it. Good thing they only accepted online registrations and after driving to their office and paying, we got our race bibs, finally!

The day before the run, we parked the car inside Mall of Asia and left it there for the overnight parking and took a cab going home. We just didn't want all the hassles of worrying about parking the following day because of the big registrants of runners (about 160,000 estimated) for the following day's event.

We woke up early to do the face and body paints and took a cab to Ayala cuz we were running 10k. There were lots of people there already waiting for the gun start. It was already humid that morning but the air of excitement was there.

When the race started, we felt that it was going to be a nice one cuz we just planned to jog and walk and just enjoy it. People kept on looking at us because we were the only ones who wore the body paints. Fun. A lot asked for our pictures. Even Jeffrey was a sensation to students.

Well, the run turned out to be a walk after all, because as soon as we entered Roxas Boulevard, the 5k participants merged with us. Basically no place for anyone to run! But still it was fun.

As soon as we finished line, we headed fast to our car. We didn't want to be stranded with all the runners there.

I don't know if we broke the world record..but we felt that by running with thousands of Filipinos, we made a difference for the Pasig River!