Saturday, September 19, 2009

iAqua Fit

The Ico Rodulfo Aqua Fitness (iAqua Fit) is a group of fitness programs utilizing the water. The program includes Aqua Aerobics, Swimming Lessons and the Water Gym. The Aqua Aerobics program is scheduled on Saturday mornings. The Swimming classes are being conducted every Saturdays and Sundays by Coach Rocky and Coach Mike. Students range from toddlers to adults for beginner's program to advanced training programs. The Water Gym will soon be introduced in the middle of October.

Swimming Class

Aqua Aerobics

iFit Boot camp

The Ico Rodulfo Fitness Boot Camp (iFit Boot Camp), is my newest group fitness program. This one hour program is a combination of a cardiovascular workout and a strengthening program. It includes body weight exercises, plyometrics, abdominal training and jogging/sprinting. This once a week workout brings the individual's fitness program outside the gym. Aside from the superb workout that one will get, the iFit Boot Camp provides social/team support and definitely it is FUN!!