Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Train with Certified Trainers Only

I've been working out in the gym for a long time now and never had I valued the importance of a licensed trainer.. until I became one.

In the garage gym that I had joined before, there were just the spotters.. like houseboys who managed the gym. They didn't know shit but since at that time I was studying for my Physical Therapy licensure exam, I was able to study all the exercises, the anatomy of the body, the kinesiology of the exercises. I got big then, just working out on my own.

When two of our american friends asked me to train them 5 years ago, I decided to be a certified trainer. Well, why not. Got the materials from the US., and took the exam. We were like 60 in the classroom all fitness trainers and managers of the top fitness centers in the country today. Most of them bragged about their clientele, their schedules, their fitness clubs. They boasted themselves with their pumped up bodies. I was quiet.. being just knew in the group. We all took the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification, a one day exam-- half day about principles of fitness and half day of simulated program planning. This was then sponsored by then Fitness Professionals organization.

After a month or so, FITPhil called up to tell me that I was one of the only two applicants who passed the exam (the other trainer is the current trainer of Piolo Pascual in Planet Infinity). Whew!! I was in heaven. Got my first certification as trainer! That started it all. My clientele grew and 2 years ago, I renewed my certificate and became a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant.

Being a trainer meant a lot. I became confident about training people. I knew my limitations. I learned more about people. 

In this time when most fitness clubs hire mostly physical therapists as trainers, I believe that having a real certification on fitness training is necessary. Most know about exercises but still there is a big difference  when training people who have fitness dilemmas. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

TRX Suspension Training

Used to just read about it in websites.. Now I'm using this wonderful training gadget. It really is great to develop and improve your core muscles.
Recently I incorporated TRX training to all my weight loss programs and all my clients started appreciating it. Body weight is still my key to my weight loss programs and adding TRX training not only gave a different spice to the entire program, it also improved it.  Now my program has evolved into better one. I got all 3 innovative gadgets with me now: TRX suspension, kettlebell and medicine ball (which in one article said are the best gadgets in town now)... and to me TRX training is one of the best!